Does Monica Have A BBL? “The Boy Is Mine” Singer Addresses Speculation

In the music industry today, BBLs are virtually as common as recording contracts. Most of our favourite rap divas have undergone plastic surgery procedures to physically enhance themselves, be it breast augmentations, butt injections, or tummy tucks. Of course, each individual is free to do what they want with their body, but dishonesty about what’s natural and what’s fake has left a bad taste in some fan’s mouths. Presently, BBLs are so popular that the internet seems to have a hard time discerning who’s gone under the knife, and who’s been in the gym. Genre-bending artist Monica is the latest to be flooded with accusations of getting her body done, which she openly addressed on social media.

As AllHipHop reports, “The Boy Is Mine” hitmaker graced the stage at Tycoon Music Festival in Atlanta last week (February 13). After her performance, social media sleuths shared videos online pointing to Monica’s curvaceous behind in her green, velvet costume. “If Monica got a BBL I don’t like it, [because] her a** sittin’ higher than Jesus,” one Twitter/X user wrote. “It’s giving d relly where the money reside booty.” When the 43-year-old got wind of the comments she had no problem addressing them during an Instagram Live session yesterday (February 19).

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Monica Claims She’s Not Healthy Enough to Undergo Major Plastic Surgery

“Y’all got jokes,” she told viewers. “Let me tell you something. My health is far too bad to be playing like that. For me a BBL would mean bought by Linda,” Monica added, referencing her stylist’s ability to make her figure look effortlessly snatched. “Mama don’t play! I won’t even get lash extensions; I still wear strips I can rip off. I done kept it real with y’all so long y’all forgot.”

Before she was allowed to join Nicki Minaj on her upcoming tour, Monica candidly expressed online that she felt forgotten by the music industry. We’re curious to see how helping to promote Pink Friday 2 might revitalize her career, especially now that the internet has so much to say about her body. Read the singer’s full comments from last fall at the link below, and check back later for more hip-hop/pop culture news updates.

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