DMX AI Tracks Earn Fan Backlash

Fans have protested after news broke alleging that DMX‘s record label, Cleopatra Records, released a number of songs using AI to recreate the late rapper’s vocals. “Silent Night”, “Halloween From Miami To LA”, and “Long Live X” were all released in September and October. All three tracks appear to include heavily edited or AI-enhanced vocals of the rapper who died in 2021. “DMX’s label is releasing new DMX songs made with AI on Spotify… bro this is so disrespectful, especially when the artist isnt even alive anymore. Its Not even good AI. you can tell its not DMX,” one fan wrote on X, formerly Twitter.

Cleopatra Records had previously released Exodus as a posthumous album a month after DMX’s death. Furthermore, Swizz Beatz had alluded to the possibility of a second posthumous release, given the sheer amount of unreleased content DMX left behind. However, that second release has yet to come and now the record label is scrambling to retain fans after their adventure in AI. However, at this time, Cleopatra Records has not yet issued a statement about the releases and whether they do in fact use AI.

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AI Music Still Proving Controversial

It’s been a big year for AI music, with the technology recently being used to release the “last-ever new Beatles song”. However, it’s use remains heavily debated and highly controversial. Mike Tyson called an AI 2Pac and Biggie track “f-cked up”. Meanwhile, Khalid told TMZ earlier this year that he saw the potential benefits of AI but was afraid of what it meant for human performers.

However, the technology does have its advocates. Speaking with TMZ, JoJo called AI music technology “interesting” and argued that it could be used for “harmonies and backgrounds”. Additionally, she said that the use of the technology was inevitable and the music industry shouldn’t wait too long to embrace it. As mentioned, the debate is not going to end anytime soon.

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