DJ Trauma’s ‘Electric Vibration’ Proves that R&B Ain’t Dead

Imagine climbing
inside of the score playing inside of Dave Chappelle’s head. Which of your
favorite songs do you think he has curated … making him bob … creating that
vibe? Well, you no longer have to wonder.

His tour accompanist, DJ Trauma who has been making the comedian’s audiences crazy with sets that includes everyone from Stevie Wonder to SZA to Chris Brown and Missy Elliot, has dropped his latest mix to help folk get through their quarantine blahs with some cool R&B.

This latest episode, Trauma marries his musical aesthetic with that of DJ Iesha Irene with their new collab entitled, “Electric Vibration.” Well, what makes this electric? It is the energetic thread that aurally streams through each carefully curated selection.

Or it could just be the energy between
the two mix-masters? Well, Iesha Irene gives you a glimpse into what inspired
the title of this playlist.

“When I think of
Electric Vibration, I think of it being a combination of dope music and some
hidden gems—B sides, that’s my thing. I love B Sides.” DJ Iesha Irene shares,
“It’s good music to ride to. Music that’s wavy, music that makes you wanna turn
the volume up.”

She continues, “I wanted Electric Vibration to be a discovery of new R&B music and some B-Sides that people might not have heard before. I’m really big on playing B-Sides, too. There are so many great artists/songs out right now and we wanted to present in a way that was fly.”

Sharing his platform and sharing in the art of playlisting is why Trauma is so successful.

Trauma is an internationally known DJ
that has been touring and spinning with Chappelle for years. One of Atlanta’s
World Famous Super Friends DJ collective, he continues to be a coveted party
rocker— hosting parties from Harlem to Dubai to your iPhone (as his IG bathrobe
jam is totally the business).

From Serena Williams’ wedding to being a go-to for JAY-Z and Beyoncé’s parties or one of the DJs for Global Citizen concerts— he has proven that D-Nice is not the only DJ that celebs tap when they are trying to have a slamming party. In fact, just last year alone, he spun his magic as a touring DJ for the likes of Tiffany Haddish and at the Oscar party hosted thrown again Jigga.        

Electric Vibration” can be heard on Trauma’s podcasts at