DJ Akademiks Goes Off On Bricc Baby After He Disses Him Over Earnings

When you’re as popular, controversial, and outspoken of a media personality as DJ Akademiks, beefs and disagreements are your bread and butter. Moreover, whether it’s his infamous war with Freddie Gibbs or his comments on other artists like SZA, Ak gets flamed quite often for his feuds. In his most recent example of this, Bricc Baby suggested that the streamer would be paying his rent if he lived on the West Coast. Clearly, he didn’t take well to this trolling, and unleashed some wild comments on stream addressing the rapper. His response contained some threats of his own, as well as a staunch affirmation that no one will ever extort him.

“I haven’t watched the video. But I seen people messaging me about, like, a comment or a quote,” DJ Akademiks remarked. “I think that lil’ n***a Bricc Baby said ‘Oh, Ak, if you was living in the West Coast, you’d be paying my rent.’ Yo, Bricc Baby… my n***a. I don’t get extorted, my n***a, I don’t know what type of s**t you’re talking about. Before you think I’d pay your rent- I’m a law-abiding citizen. But before you think I’d ever pay your rent, I’d get your own homies. I’ll pay them to knock you off. Stop playing. No n***a extorts me, my n***a. Stop it. You’re a bum-a** gangbanger who gon’ do what you gon’ do. Stop actin’ like you some- I’m telling you. Your own homies, I’ll give ’em 300 thousand, you be gone!

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DJ Akademiks’ Response To Bricc Baby

“Whatever is you talking about?” DJ Akademiks continued. “N***a, the f**k is you talking about? You a peon, n***a. You really like a broke n***a who’s working, risking it all. Stop playing, lil’ n***a, you tweaking. You think you about to extort me? I’ll give your homies 300 thousand to f***ing choke you to death. Stop playing with me, n***a. Don’t say no s**t like that. All y’all gang n***as, you ain’t got s**t going on, n***a. Facts!”

Meanwhile, there’s plenty of beef for Ak to keep up with these days. He most recently got into an explosive shouting match with Chrisean Rock on Instagram Live for whatever reason that amused fans. It all makes for content on the mill, whether or not it’s in his favor or not. Regardless, check back in with HNHH for the latest news and updates on DJ Akademiks and Bricc Baby.

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