Diddy & Yung Miami Targeted By Azealia Banks In Scathing New Rant

Much to the internet’s pleasure, Azealia Banks is once again failing to bite her tongue when it comes to celebrity affairs. After chiming in on the beef unfolding between Joe Budden and Drake earlier this month, she’s now sharing her two cents on Sean Combs, whom the “212” hitmaker clearly doesn’t have a very high opinion of. “Can we also stop pretending like @diddy has done anything for hip-hop or Black people?” Banks wrote on her Instagram Story this week. According to her, his only contributions include stealing, getting high, alcoholism, and even “[coercing] artists into compromising sexual encounters to blackmail them.”

As her rant continued, the Harlem native also called Combs out for “stealing” his ex, Cassie, from Ryan Leslie, only to “do absolutely nothing with her for over a decade.” Banks added, “I don’t think [Diddy] understands that Ciroc isn’t considered a luxury brand because I truly don’t think he knows just how uncouth and ghetto he himself is.” At this point is when she decided to drag Yung Miami into the chat. “Think about it, it took 25 years of stealing, doing drugs, and getting drunk to ust now have cracked a $1 billion net worth. What’s he got to show for it? Caresha?” Azealia quipped.

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Azealia Banks Has Words for Diddy and Yung Miami

“LMAO lord. A ni**a like Diddy doesn’t get to make the lives of so many Black artists miserable and hide behind a veneer of being charitable,” she wrote on another slide. It seems Banks’ goal in lashing out at the Bad Boy founder is to encourage him to give masters back to his former artists. “How about you get your non-musical grubby hands off of everything musical and PLEASE exit the Black politic conversation stage left,” she begged of him.

Diddy and Yung Miami may not be willing to settle down with each other in a traditional relationship, but still, their unique bond has definitely lasted through the test of time. They’ve obviously faced a few speedbumps along the way, but for the most part, the pair seems grateful to be enjoying each other’s company and turning out hits like “Act Bad” in the meantime. Check out their full romance timeline at the link below, and tap back in later for more hip-hop/pop culture news updates.

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