Daniel Gibson Shares Message in Memory of Ex-Mother-in-Law Frankie

On Monday (July 19), news broke about the passing of Frankie Lons, the mother of Keyshia Cole. TMZ reports Frankie passed away from an overdose at her home in Oakland. Keyshia Cole’s brother Sam revealed she took drugs while partying, relapsing on her recovery and leading to the overdose.

Of the numerous messages of condolences, memories and support were Daniel “Boobie” Gibson, the ex-husband of Cole and former NBA player. Gibson hit Instagram and shared a personal message to his ex-mother-in-law.

“Frank the Bank i love u forever. from day 1 you showed me love,” Gibson wrote on Instagram. “I mean after you roasted my big ass shoes lol it wasn’t never a day we saw each other we weren’t laughing bout sum’n. thankful i got to share some real time wit someone real as you.. legends never die & you deflee that in my eyes. #FlyHighFrankie.”

You can see the message below.