Cousin Stizz Is Flying “Solo” On New Single

Cousin Stizz is keeping the releases coming this year, following up his last single “Coming For Everything” featuring Tony Shhnow. Moreover, he just released the track “Solo” with an accompanying music video, bringing back some warm and woozy West Coast vibes both in production and flow. Of course, the Massachusetts MC has played with this sound a lot before, but it always takes new listeners aback when they tap into the Boston native and hear something that sounds like it could’ve come out of L.A. Regardless, it’s a vibrant and enjoyable display of Stizz’s measured and syncopated flow, plus his ear for breezy beats that could soundtrack a sunny day.

Furthermore, reverb-heavy and funky guitar strums lead the way, with too many effects on it to even notice it’s a string instrument. In fact, it could be a synth, but when it comes to keys, there are other soft piano leads throughout the track that overtake it melodically. In addition, there’s the trademark bouncy bass hits, a sharp percussion pattern, and a great bed for Cousin Stizz to flex his flow on. While he cycles through a few different schemes, it always keeps its focus on the individual bar rather than stringing them all together perfectly. Overall, it’s a pretty dynamic performance, and that’s exactly what makes it stand out when compared to other instrumentals and songs structures in this vein.

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Cousin Stizz’s “Solo” Music Video: Watch

Meanwhile, it seems like the 31-year-old could be gearing up for another full-length project with these recent singles. His last project, Just For You, came out in February of 2022, and had a lot of highlights and career-defining moments. Maybe this next outing will be the same, but if it’s not time yet, at least we have these creative singles to hold us over. If you haven’t heard “Solo” yet, find it on your preferred streaming service and check out standout bars below. Also, peep the music video above and log back into HNHH for the latest news and updates on Cousin Stizz.

Quotable Lyrics
Rush Hour, Chris Tuck’, you workin’ for the captain,
I seen all my dreams through the snow out in Aspen,
And it’s still the same from the days when I was trapped in,
Thought we wasn’t plugged, but we been adaptin’

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