Coi Leray Unphased By Lack of Support From Haters

The odds have been against Coi Leray following a few of her most recent freestyles and performances. Despite the hate, Coi has found ways to continue to uplift herself and stick with the fans that do show support and love.

In a recent stop with TMZ, Coi Leray shares her opinion that she feels the odds are against her because she is the only one doing something different in the industry. “I wouldn’t be who I am if I wasn’t for me, You know? I feel like there’s only one of me and the reason why everything is the way it is is because of me. So it don’t matter if they’re talking bad or good .. they’re talking … because of me,” the rapper joked.

“Ain’t nobody really doing nothing that’s making people want to go ahead and gravitate towards that. Everything that’s done is repetitive,” she added. “They see it already, you feel me? When it comes to females, male artists, doesn’t matter what it is, everybody’s done it before. So when you got somebody bringing something new to the table, they don’t like that. So, it’s gonna take some time for people to get used to. I ain’t tripping.”

The “No More Parties” rapper then gave love to Lil Nas X, highlighting that the rapper is the “talk of the world” for being himself. Check out the clip below.