Coi Leray Thinks Some Of Her Fans Are Too Attached To “Baby Coi”

Coi Leray already has two commercial projects under her belt. Between them she’s racked up some pretty significant hits like “Players” and made a name for herself in hip-hop. After her album Coi underperformed despite having a smash hit single when it dropped last year, she may be looking for a new direction in her next project. That’s why she recently took to Twitter to talk directly to some of her fans that are obsessed with her current persona and don’t want her to change.

In the post, she asked for room to grow. “I feel like some of my fans in there mind won’t allow me to get older and grow. They are attached to baby Coi with the braids, but it’s okay to grow up. It’s okay to get older,” her tweet reads. She replied to a response from a fan specifically mentioning her braids and that fans of them wouldn’t be completely left out in the cold. “Oh no baby, I’m getting braids this week my hair is finally grown out. But as I GROW into a women, I’m learning and discovering new things about myself. New desires new interest , new icks, new Melodie’s , new flows, new topics ect,” a follow-up tweet reads. Check out the full interaction below.

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Coi Leray Wants Space To Grow

Coi Leray has been talking about change a lot recently. Just last week she was again on Twitter teasing fans with what could be next for her artistically. In a different tweet she claimed she wanted to change her artist name to just “Coi.” Plenty of fans in the comments took issue with the change and tried to point out how much that liked her full current name.

Over the past two weekends the “Baby Don’t Hurt Me” rapper made her debut at Coachella. What do you think of Coi Leray claiming that she needs the space to grow up without fans attached to her persona? What new directions do you hope she explores artistically going forward? Let us know in the comment section below.

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