Club Manager Says New York Incident Involving Travis Scott is ‘Blown Out of Proportion’

Following reports of an alleged assault at a New York nightclub involving Travis Scott, the club’s manager has provided an update. Scott was allegedly involved in an altercation, leading to a police investigation.

In a statement to The Source, Ritchie Romero, managing partner of Club Nebula, stated the entire event was overblown. “This is blown completely out of proportion,” Romero said. “It was a great night.”

Adding in a statement was Dorian Harrington, the booking manager for the evening, who secured Don Toliver to host the night at Club Negbula. Harrington was on stage with Scott during his surprise DJ set. He added, This is a total misunderstanding, and what I saw on stage doesn’t reflect what I read in the news. The music and the night turned out great and everyone left peacefully.”


“While this is clearly a misunderstanding being blown out of proportion by clickbait and misinformation, we are actively working with the venue and law enforcement to resolve and set the record straight. We are confident our client will be cleared of any wrongdoing.”

A source close to Scott revealed the rapper and his team view the incident as a cash grab and are already working with law enforcement to resolve the matter. The incident was also detailed as a simple misunderstanding and resolved in minutes..