Chrisean Rock Reveals Pregnancy, Blueface Denies Being The Father

Just when you thought Blueface and Chrisean Rock’s antics couldn’t be any more toxic, a positive pregnancy test has entered the chat. On Friday (January 20), the reality starlet surprised the rapper on his 26th birthday, revealing that she’s once again with child – and she fully intends on keeping it this time.

In the past, the 22-year-old has been candid about having multiple past abortions due to unplanned pregnancies. She previously said that the next time she tests positive, she wants to keep it, so the news doesn’t exactly come as a surprise to fans. “Guess how many heartbeats?” she wrote on a photo posted to her story showing three positive results.

Blueface appears to be shocked and in denial over the situation. “To answer y’all questions, yes me [and] Rock are officially done. It’s strictly business, I tried it [and] clearly it wasn’t giving. Before she announces… She’s pregnant with somebody else’s child, not mine.”

“Rock has had encounters with 10 different men in the last year,” he alleged in another tweet. “Until I see [a] DNA test then it’s not mine.” To this, she said, “Blue, tried lightly. God don’t like ugly fr. Boy, I don’t need you lol I want [you], that’s the difference.”

The Baltimore native continued the social media beef with a post of her own. “So what happens [when] you eat all ya evil words,” she began. “I haven’t sexually been active with no one but [you and] plus there’s can a DNA test… [And I don’t] need [your] money, I got my money. I don’t need a baby daddy, I’m just having this child because I don’t want to keep aborting.”

Blueface went on to throw more shade in another post, writing, “I know, I know. Y’all thought she was all about me… Me too lol, but the facts are facts. Being my BM would be a blessing.” Naturally, the post caught Chrisean’s attention, and she clapped back, “It’s a blessing to have a Rock like me.”

After all the back and forth on Twitter, the Crazy In Love star hopped on Instagram Live to give followers more details on all the drama. “I got a baby in the oven and I make my own money,” she insisted while riding in the back of a car.

“If you really do want me to boss up so bad that I leave you and be on my own shit, please don’t say that’s what you wish. I love you, I want you to have fun, do whatever, like this is your birthday n*gga,” she openly said to Blueface. “I’m not trying to take away your birthday, but my mom said some real shit on the phone.”

Essentially, Rock’s mother asked her to consider her own personal wants. “I don’t want to abort a kid, I been aborting since I met this dude,” she emotionally added. “I was aborting at first because we wasn’t as serious, and I didn’t have all my money together. But now that I make over six figures, n*gga I don’t need you, I can tell the kids that you died. I don’t need a baby daddy, I don’t need child support. I got God, my friends… I’m keeping this baby for me, I want a new beginning.”

See what else Chrisean had to say to Blueface during her Instagram Live session below, and check back later for more pop culture updates.