Charles Barkley Was “Embarrassed” For Wolves Fans After Awful First Half From The Minnesota Timberwolves

Tuesday night in Game 4, the Minnesota Timberwolves overcame the Dallas Mavericks with a victory thanks to the performances of Karl-Anthony Towns and Anthony Edwards. Given that Minnesota came so close in the first three games of the series despite their players’ troubles, there was some hope that they may pose a challenge to the Mavs now that they were all playing well at the same time. Before the game, Charles Barkley expressed his disbelief, stating that he would be ‘shocked if the Timberwolves lost game 5 ‘. Ultimately, it was much worse for Chuck as the Timberwolves were blown out by the Mavs from the jump. 

Game 5 offered the Wolves a chance to really up the ante in the series once the action moved back to Minneapolis. That optimism was quickly destroyed in the first quarter of the game. Luka Doncic scored more points in the first quarter than the Wolves did on their own. The Mavs lead by 29 at the half. Luka and Kyrie Irving scored 44–40 against Dallas on their own. Overall, it is safe to say Charles Barkley was shocked as he said he was “embarrassed” for Timberwolves fans. 

Charles Barkley Could Not Belive The Timberwolves Were Blown Out

Charles Barkley was one among those who predicted a landslide victory in Target Center for the Wolves in Game 5. Rather, before a dumbfounded audience, Barkley expressed his surprise at how unimpressive Minnesota started the game. He went on to say he felt bad for Timberwolves supporters due to the team’s appalling performance in the first twenty-four minutes of play. Chuck said, “That was embarrassing. I’m embarrassed for these Minnesota fans. … I’m at a loss for words how bad Minnesota looked that first half.”

The way they came out was really startling, and he and Shaq thought the Wolves were content just to avoid being swept. Dallas, to their credit, did not play around. When they smelt blood early, they went to work. Luka scored 20 in the first quarter, and it opened up the floodgates for Irving to put in work in the second. The Mavs feature two of the best closers in the league, and they closed out Minessotta early. Overall, Chuck is right. It was a disappointing performance for the Timberwolves.