Cardi B Puts Tomi Lahren on Blast On Looting: ‘Mind Your Business’

Tomi Lahren’s online feud with Cardi B continues as the Fox news political critiques the ongoing protests in Minneapolis in response to the unjust execution of George Floyd. “How does looting, rioting, and destroying your OWN community bring justice for anyone?” Tomi asked.

Bardi came through with her leash and directly responded to the reporter. “How does targeting, profilin, beating, and murdering black men with no consequence equal serving and protecting? Who’s giving them justice and trust in cops? Mind your business and eat your salad!” Cardi tweeted.

The Bronx native doubled down and gave her opinion on the violent protests. “People are tired,” she said. “So now this us what people have to resort to.” Cardi urged her fans to vote locally to fix these problems that have been going on since her “teeth was f*cked up.”

The nation is divided by the horrific death of #GeorgeFloyd on May 27th, and people are outraged. Officer Derek Chauvin was arrested for kneeling on Floyd’s neck for almost nine minutes, suffocating him to death. But it isn’t time to rejoice until charges are made.