Cardi B & Offset Appear in McDonald’s Super Bowl Ad, Announce Their Own Meal

Cardi B and Offset will have a new signature meal at McDonald’s. The reveal comes after the two appeared in a Golden Arches Super Bowl ad, celebrating their love and their order of choice.

Sitting at a table in the restaurant, Cardi calls Offset “a simple man,” revealing his order to be a Quarter Pounder and a Hi-C. The two also share fries. The complete meal for the two is a cheeseburger, a Quarter Pounder with cheese, BBQ sauce, a large order of fries, an apple pie, a large Hi-C and a large Coke.

“Y’all saw our commercial? PARAPAPAPA I’m F*ckin him! …The CARDI & Offset meal is coming February 14 at your closest McDonald’s!!!” Cardi wrote on Twitter.


You can see the spot below.