Cardi B Goes Off On Tik Tok Rapper Who Claims Cardi Stole Her Lyrics

Cardi B made time early Tuesday morning to address a rumor that she’s stealing bars. Tik Tok rapper Dela Wesst is alleging that Cardi stole lyrics from her on two different songs, Blueface’s “Thotiana Remix” and Offset’s “Clout.”

Dela Wesst has claimed for a while that Cardi B, as well as other artists, stole lyrics from her. Wesst has been trolling the Bronx rapper on her preferred social media site, Tik Tok, where she has half a million followers.

“…you ranting for day cause you claim I stole lyrics from you on clout. I WROTE THIS SONG IN JANUARRYYY ! You show me you did your clout song in January bitch you might have a chance…” Cardi wrote on Twitter.

The “Bartier Cardi” rapper then addressed the rumor that she stole the lyrics from “Thotiana” saying that she wrote the whole verse in the studio with Blueface and Wack 100. Long after the song was recorded, Wack 100 announced on February 7th last year that the song was dropping. The announcement came one day before Dela Wesst dropped her freestyle to the same song.

“Sooooo stop WITH YOUR SHIT .Never Hurd about you b4 you started using my name for [Tik Tok]. Stop chasing clout and chase a bag and a dentist like I DID SIS,” Cardi tweeted.

Dela responded to Cardi’s receipts on Twitter posting a screenshot video of her notes that date back to February 14, 2019, a date that is still later than when Cardi claims she wrote the verse for Blueface’s single.

“Starting a record in January does not mean you finished that record in January. I clearly wrote this the day before you debuted it [on] the internet,” Wesst said in her response.

Dela Wesst has used her platform to attempt to expose people in the music industry for shady songwriting tactics. Wesst dropped a 4 part series on Tik Tok addressing Quality Control, the City Girls and Doja Cat for stealing music.

Cardi B has been called out in the past for not writing all of her lyrics, specifically with the single “Be Careful” from her debut album Invasion of Privacy. Shortly after the song dropped, a reference video surfaced on social media of fellow Bronx rapper/songwriter Pardison Fontaine performing the chorus.

Cardi acknowledged that she copped the hook from Pardi with his consent to do so and stands by the fact that she writes her own bars.

As far as we know, no official lawsuits have been filed against any of the artists Dela Wesst claims stole her work, but Wesst did claim in her video to Cardi that the Platinum selling rapper would have to “run a check at the end of the day.”