Cardi B Gets Response From Woman She Called Out For Stealing Her Outfits

The artists with the most fans and buzz usually have a lot of vocal haters, and that’s certainly the case for Cardi B. Considering how open, unfiltered, and brutally shady her public statements can be, it’s no surprise that she ruffles her dissidents’ feathers with ease. Moreover, during the Bronx MC’s latest press run for her new single with Megan Thee Stallion, “Bongos,” she stopped by The Breakfast Club and addressed this very topic. “She got so much s**t to say about me, but she always copying my birthday looks!” she said of a friend’s colleague who apparently always steals her fits and talks smack about her. Now, it seems like this mystery girl heard about these comments, rolled up her sleeves, and responded on her Instagram Story, doubling down like a true hater would.

“Very Much BEEN That Girl!” she wrote after she saw Cardi B throw some shots her way. I always had nice clothing since high school and I never been the type to RUSH & wear my clothes. I have sooooo many high end pieces in my closet that I haven’t even got to wear YET that I’ve had for weeks, months, & YEARS. So the woman with a million faces can kiss my A$$.”

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Cardi B’s Unnamed & Alleged Outfit Copycat Responds

As one social media user noted, Cardi B didn’t name anyone, but someone’s shoe fit the description, and it seems this individual (who we can’t confirm is the one Bardi referred to) thought as much. Not only that, but she didn’t stop there and dissed the 31-year-old’s career and persona further. “You suppose to be this RICH WIFE ENTERTAINER BUT WORRIED ABOUT MY OPINIONS!” she continued. “Tf lmaooooo. Go write a RAP yourself ALONE in a room. Or worry about rehearsals for tomorrow bozo the clown.

“Just a regular girl from around the way that can afford the same things as these CELEBRITIES & they BIG MAD & Gagging,” she added before calling the rapper out for appropriating and stealing Black culture. The question now is, is the “JEALOUSY” artist really that pressed about this that she’ll keep this going? Only time will tell. Come back to HNHH for the latest news and updates on Cardi B.

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