Cardi B Expects Fans To Be Surprised By Her New Album

It’s been a lengthy 6 years since Cardi B released her debut studio album Invasion Of Privacy. The rapper and pop star broke through on the back of numerous hits like “Bodak Yellow,” “I Like It” and “Bartier Cardi.” Though she’s released a number of hit singles in the years since her fans can’t help but feel they’ve waited long enough for a follow-up. Cardi first began teasing a new album last year, though she eventually revealed it wouldn’t be dropping in 2023. But now she’s entering full-on album mode and having already released two singles from the project she’s discussing elements of its sound.

Earlier this week, Cardi did a series of questions and answers with fans on Threads. It was actually the official Threads account itself that asked one of the most insightful questions. They wanted to Cardi to describe the new album in just one word. “Different. I think it’s different. I think there’s going to be some songs that are like not expected to come from me,” she replied. Though she doesn’t elaborate any more on what specifically she means by that, it still got fans even more excited for the new record. Check out her full answer to the question below.

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Cardi B Calls Her New Album “Different”

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Cardi B has released two new singles from the album so far this year. She started with the “Like What (Freestyle)” which arrived on the back of quite a bit of hype. But the song was ultimately met with just mixed reviews from fans. That wasn’t the case with the second single “Enough (Miami).” That track landed over the weekend and instantly became a new fan favorite.

She’s already getting some mileage out of the song less than a week after its release. She did a special From The Block performance of it that dropped earlier this week. What do you think of Cardi B claiming that her new album will surprise people? What kind of sounds do you expect she will play with that fan’s aren’t expecting? Let us know in the comment section below.

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