Cardi B Begs Fans To Stop Making Her Sing The New Beyonce Country Song

TikTok Live has become an increasingly common platform for rappers to interact with their fans. After the NPC drama surrounding people making money on the platform broke last year, it inspired a ton of interest in livestreaming on the platform. NLE Choppa became one of the first rappers to stream on TikTok when he tried his hand at an NPC stream. Now Cardi B regularly hops on live to talk to her fans and funny moments almost always emerge.

One of the features of TikTok Live that makes the platform unique is its filters. While almost every streaming platform can alter your appearance, TikTok Live allowed fans to pay for certain filters to be put on a streamer. That was the case when fans repeatedly paid for a cowboy hat and mustache filter over Cardi during one of her recent livestreams. When the filter came on, Cardi couldn’t help but sing the recently released Beyonce hit “TEXAS HOLD EM'” which has a distinct country twang to it. The funny part came when she kept singing it every single time the filter was paid for. Eventually when it started to get ridiculous she had to demand her fans stop paying for it. Check out the hilarious full clip below.

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Cardi B’s Hilarious TikTok Livestream

Cardi B just dropped her second song in three weeks and her second new song of 2024. She dropped the “Like What (Freestyle)” last month. Despite quite a bit of hype for her return the song was met with mixed reviews and has already fallen to number 84 on the Hot 100. Over the weekend she followed it up with “Enough (Miami). “ The song immediately became a fan favorite with Cardi delivering more hard-hitting and hilarious bars.

She also released a scintillating music video for “Enough” that has racked up more than 5 million views on YouTube. What do you think of Cardi B hilariously singing Beyonce’s new song over and over on her TikTok Live? Do you regularly tune into TikTok livestreams? Let us know in the comment section below.

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