Cardi B Battles Through Spicy Winds On Hot Ones

Over the years hundreds of celebrities have sat opposite Sean Evans and tried their hand at eating some incredibly spicy wings on his show Hot Ones. The format has long created hilarious moments for celebs who aren’t ready for the heat. That seemed to also be the case for the newest celeb to take the spot, Cardi B. Amid questions about aliens, intro songs on an album, and her love for Rihanna, Cardi also tries to stomach some spicy wings.

The interview opens up with a teaser clip of Cardi shedding some spice-induced tears. In the snippet, she claims “I wanna go home to my kids, this is crazy.” Despite the serious-sounding claims, the rapper is pretty much all smiles throughout the interview. She also manages to hold up to the spicy wings better than many of Evans’ other guests. Unsurprisingly, fans rushed to the comments to praise her right away. “I don’t even listen to her music but there’s no denying Cardi is a real one. Cant put her personality down” one of the top comments on the video reads. Check out the entire interview below.

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Cardi B Interviewed On “Hot Ones”

Recently, Cardi B has entered a sort of mini beef with Joe Budden. The podcast host gave his thoughts on Cardi’s newest track “Bongos” and it wasn’t necessarily all positive. She took issue with some of his observations and comments, though the beef ended up blown out of proportion. Budden continues to claim that there were never any hard feelings and it was all blown out of proportion by the way it was reported.

Cardi also ended up being subjected to a proxy beef of sorts. Her husband Offset and Nicki Minaj’s husband Kenneth Petty took shots at each other repeatedly online. It got so bad eventually that Petty’s house arrest was reinstated after he made threats at Offset online. What do you think of Cardi B’s interview on Hot Ones? Let us know in the comment section below.

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