Cardi B and Cuban Doll Beef Online Recalls Offset’s 2018 Infidelity

Saturday turned heated for Cardi B and Cuban Doll as they exchanged words on Twitter. It all started after Doll posted inspiration for her latest video outfit, which was Nicki Minaj. After a fan pointed out that Cardi once supported Cuban, Cardi offered some words online.

“Ask me why they hate me … THEY DON’T HAVE A REASON, JUST BANDWAGONING,” Cardi tweeted. “It’s Cool tho, everyone that ever hated never succeeded.”

And then the gloves came off:

Cuban stated Cardi attempted to play the victim and highlighted attacks from the rapper. “I pray a man don’t marry me just to cheat on me. That’s next level OD DISRESPECT,” Cuban wrote. “I could never be inspired by someone I don’t listen to. Simple stop trying to force that on me.”

The back and forth would continue for a while before Cardi decided to be done with the situation:

You can see additional messages between the two below.