Boosie Responds to Lil Nas X’s Father

Baton Rouge rap mainstay Boosie was called out by controversial artist Lil Nas X’s dad, who condemned the rapper for degrading women and promoting drugs and gun violence. Now, the Instagram bad guy has responded to Lil Nas X’s father and there is obviously no love lost there.

R.L. Stafford, father of Nas X, called out Boosie for criticizing his son’s music, which Boosie contends is not suitable for children, who are the larger part of Nas X’s audience. This came after X trolled the rapper, claiming they were going to be putting out music together, which prompted Boosie to fire off several homophobic tweets.

Stafford replied to the tweets on IG, saying, “How the hell you’re a gangsta rapper promoting drugs, gun violence, degrading women and getting high every video talking about you’re for the kids,”

Screen Shot 2021 10 27 at 7.52.26 AM

Boosie’s response was a lot more critical, taking aim at X’s sexual preference, which seems to be cause of Boosie’s criticism in the first place.

Screen Shot 2021 10 27 at 7.55.01 AM

Lil Nas X or his dad have yet to respond to Boosie’s retort.