Boosie Details Relationship With Nipsey Hussle, Says That Late Rapper “Protected” Him While He Was In L.A.

Many might not have known, but Boosie was a really good friend of Nipsey Hussle. The Baton Rouge MC spoke on his relationship with the late West Coast MC and businessman during a recent interview with Vlad.

Boosie recalled when he visited L.A. and Nip “protected” him during his stay.

“Nip was my boy,” Bossie said. “When I came down here, Nip gave be his black black trucks and gave me a driver. Nip kind of protected me out here! He went out of his way to make sure I was safe when I was out here.”

Boosie then recalled one conversation they had in particular that Boosie still thinks about.

“[He told me], ‘Man we’re the last ones left at this shit.’ That’s what I always remember,” Boosie said. “That conversation, me and him getting high in the back of the studio, and he was just really making me feel like he understood me when he told, like, ‘We the last ones left with this shit. We’re the last ones standing up. We’re the last ons speaking.’ That’s the best conversation that I had with him.”

As for Nip’s murderer, Bossie said that he wishes something worse happen to him last week when he was beaten in jail.

“I was hoping I’d hear something different. I mean, it was a pretty good job. You know, that’s a boss. I would have much rather heard something worse,” Boosie said.

You can watch the excerpt of the interview below.