Blueface Thinks He’d Win In Potential Versus Battle Against Soulja Boy

In the ever-evolving world of hip-hop, some things are unpredictable. And the prospect of a versus battle always sparks heated debates among fans. In a recent interview with Funny Marco, Blueface didn’t shy away from addressing the hypothetical versus battle question. Moreover, he confidently asserted his supremacy in a face-off against the iconic Soulja Boy. Funny Marco, known for extracting candid responses from his interviewees, cut to the chase. He asked Blueface, “Hit for hit, who would win? You or Soulja Boy.” Blueface, never one to mince words, responded with an unapologetic confidence that left no room for interpretation.

“If I were to be honest,” Blueface began. “I’m a professional performer. I’d outperform anyone, hit for hit.” This bold declaration speaks to Blueface’s unwavering self-assurance and belief in himself as an entertainer. The “Thotiana” rapper isn’t just considering the musical catalog but places a heavy emphasis on the performance aspect. He hinted at a level of stage presence and showmanship that he believes sets him apart.

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Blueface Says He’s A Good Performer

Blueface’s rise in the hip-hop scene has been marked by his unique flow, distinctive voice, and an unapologetic approach to his craft. Along with the drama of his two baby-mamas in the ever-swirling media landscape. The self-proclaimed “Famous Cryp” has consistently brought a different flavor to the rap game. And his claim of being a “professional performer” aligns with his reputation for delivering energetic live performances.

While Soulja Boy boasts a legendary status with a string of iconic hits and a significant impact on the genre, Blueface’s confidence in his ability to outshine anyone on stage adds an intriguing layer to the hypothetical versus battle scenario. Verzus battles have become a cultural phenomenon, providing a platform for artists to showcase their hits and compete in a friendly yet competitive manner. The thought of Blueface and Soulja Boy going hit for hit on a virtual stage has undoubtedly raised eyes on social media. What are your thoughts? Who would win the battle between Blueface and Soulja Boy?

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