Blueface & Chrisean Rock Beef: Baby Daddy Gave Sexyy Red A Jaidyn Alexis Diss Track Offer

Chrisean Rock is leaving no stone unturned in her effort to make the world sees Blueface’s true colours. The 23-year-old’s supporters have long been urging her to walk away from her tumultuous situation with the multi-talent, but she’s proven to be more than Cr*zy In Love. Thankfully for Rock and her fans, she seems to be coming to her senses in regards to her toxic relationship with Blue – much of which has played out in front of social media or reality TV cameras.

As a result, it only seems right that we get to witness the dissolution of their romantic and work partnerships in real time too. December has been a particularly chaotic month so far, and that only continued on Saturday (December 9), when Rock alleged that Blue was plotting to have his fiancee, Jaidyn Alexis, drop a diss track about Junior’s mom. That news itself isn’t shocking, however, what did take us by surprise is that the MILF Music founder wanted to pay Sexyy Red to hop on the song.

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Chrisean Rock Reveals Which Rap Diva Blueface Wanted His Fiancee to Work With

“He tried to pay Sexyy Red to hop on a verse with Jaidyn, knowing d**n well this track is against me and knowing d**n well me and Sexyy ride for each other. That’s my sister,” Rock reminded her baby daddy. “For real, from another mother and father. So he tried to politic in the industry… Bro, somebody pray for Blueface, bro. He need prayer.”

When she was chatting with Marissa Da’Nae on IG Live earlier this weekend, Chrisean Rock was visibly angry over finding out that Blueface was flirting with her at a party recently. Despite NLE Choppa’s baby mama making it clear that her loyalty lies with the Baddies cast member, Blue was reportedly still persistent in his effort to pursue her. Read more about that at the link below, and check back later for more hip-hop/pop culture news updates.

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