Blac Chyna is Charging Fans $950 to FaceTime

Harsh times are coming to America and everyone is trying to generate revenue while the global stay-at-home order prolongs. Blac Chyna is known for being business savvy, and you can bet your last dollar that she’s going to find a way to supplement her income while outside is closed.

Chyna is charging fans $250 to follow them back, and $950 to FaceTime. She announced the news on Instagram Story. You’re probably thinking, ‘WTF? It’s a whole pandemic and she’s charging that much for a FaceTime call and follow back?’ But the influencer is aware that many people are facing financial hardship and offered a payment plan if you can’t pay in full.

Blac Chyna is a veteran in this finessing/social media world and it won’t be surprising if other social media influencers follow her lead.

Which celebrity would you pay to follow you back or FaceTime you?