Beyonce Says “I Love You, Lizzo” During “RENAISSANCE” Tour Stop

It seems like Beyoncé is doubling down on her support for Lizzo after fans believed that she shaded her during a recent “RENAISSANCE” tour stop. Moreover, there’s a part of “BREAK MY SOUL” in which the superstar sings her name that she omitted during a show. However, this speculation didn’t last long, as she made sure to mention the “Special” star during a subsequent performance. If you didn’t know by now, this came about thanks to the multiple allegations of mistreatment, sexual harassment, and the creation of a hostile environment against the singer. After this speculation lit a fire on the Internet, the Lemonade artist made things much clearer.

“I love you, Lizzo!” Beyonce proclaimed during her most recent tour concert as of writing this article. With this, many fans expressed divided opinions over Queen Bey’s support. Some still dismiss the allegations as just the frustrations of ex-employees, whereas others give more credence to their testimonies and experiences. Overall, it’s still a recent development with not much official information out there, so it’s tough to determine the validity of this at the moment. Still, that doesn’t mean that these dancers and colleagues shouldn’t get their deservedly due consideration and that Lizzo shouldn’t be held accountable.

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Beyonce: “I Love You Lizzo!”

Whatever results from the trials and hearings on the lawsuits will define the Cuz I Love You creative’s career for the foreseeable future. Given that she has a strong relationship with Beyonce, this support surely means a lot to her moving forward. After all, Lizzo’s seen her perform 11 times, and the Houston native has always been one of the biggest industry figures by her side. Regardless, this is going to be a messy and unclear process moving forward, so we will see how this proclamation ages.

Meanwhile, these accusations apparently made the NFL drop the 35-year-old from their Super Bowl halftime show shortlist. While this is but a small part of this more pressing legal story, it hints at the future of her brand endorsements and extracurricular opportunities. We’ll see how that continues to develop and evolve as more information, evidence, and statements come forward. On that note, come back to HNHH for the latest news and updates on Beyonce and Lizzo.

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