Best Barbie-Themed Shoes On Stadium Goods

Barbie is a blockbuster hit and people are looking to match their sneakers to the film. Even if you haven’t seen the movie, you know different shades of pink can be found throughout. We’ve compiled a list of 8 shoes that completely embody Barbie. While all these shoes may take on a similar color scheme, they are all unique in their own way – and they are all available for purchase at Stadium Goods right now.

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Gazelle Indoor WMNS “Bliss Pink Purple”

First up, we’ve got an Adidas Gazelle. This pair features a translucent gum outsole and an all-pink suede upper. A purple heel tab adds a darker tone to the sneakers, and a textured pink tongue adds a small, classy detail. These sneakers feature the complete Barbie colorway with a durable sole that can handle wear. (Image via Stadium Goods)

WMNS Dunk Low SE “Teddy Bear”

Nike-Womens-Dunk-Low-SE-22Teddy-Bear22.webp” alt=”Nike Womens Dunk Low SE “Teddy Bear”” class=”wp-image-705341″ srcset=” 800w,×180.webp 300w,×461.webp 768w” sizes=”(max-width: 800px) 100vw, 800px” />

Next up, a Nike women’s Dunk Low inspired by a plush toy teddy bear. This sneaker features another gum sole and a clean white midsole. The uppers feature a light pink mesh with slightly darker pink suede overlays. The Nike Swoosh is an off-white and this pair features a pink hangtag with a smaller Nike Swoosh in blue and orange. (Image via Stadium Goods)

WMNS Air Humara LX “Jacquemus – Pink”

Nike Womens Air Humara LX

The third pair on this list has, yet again, another rubber gum sole which will allow for durability and wearability. The uppers on this pair, as you can guess, are pink. A combination of mesh and suede constructs this pair, with a small metallic gold Swoosh on the sides adding a touch of elegance. This pair, no doubt, fits the Barbie aesthetic. (Image via Stadium Goods)

WMNS Dunk Low PRM MF “Pink Oxford”

Nike Womens Dunk Low PRM MF

This pair features a diluted shade of pink, giving the shoes a toned-down look. The pair also features a white midsole. The uppers are constructed completely of nubuck and are totally pink. If you’re looking for a sneaker that can go with just about any outfit, that still matches that Barbie vibe, this is your pair. (Image via Stadium Goods)

WMNS Dunk Low LX “Pink Foam”

Nike Womens Dunk Low LX

Similar to the previous pair, these sneakers don’t feature that vibrant shade of pink that makes heads turn. Instead, this pair features a light pink rubber sole and a white midsole. Cream and light pink suede construct the uppers, featuring a white leather Nike Swoosh. Another low-key pair that will work with any outfit you can put together. (Image via Stadium Goods)

Air Jordan 14 Retro Low WMNS “Shocking Pink”

Air Jordan 14 Retro Low Womens

Next up, is the Air Jordan 14. This pair definitely does feature that vibrant shade of pink and even features orange. The pair has a pink rubber sole with a black midsole. The uppers are made of pink thick suede with prominent vibrant orange accents. The sock liner and laces are black, providing the sneaker with a bit of minimalism, but not much, as you can see.

Air Jordan 1 WMNS “Washed Pink”

Air Jordan 1 Womens

Another Jordan makes this list, and it’s one of the most popular Jordans ever. This Air Jordan 1 features a light pink rubber sole with a sail midsole. The uppers feature a white leather base with washed pink suede overlays and a washed pink Nike Swoosh. The iconic Wings logo is found in white on the sides. Overall, this pair definitely meets the Barbie criteria and has been a popular release since they came out earlier this year. (Image via Stadium Goods)

WMNS Air Jordan 1 Low SE “Pink Velvet”

Womens Air Jordan 1 Low SE

Finally, the Air Jordan 1 Low completes this list. A pink-tinted rubber sole and a clean midsole make up the bottom half of these sneakers. The uppers are made of soft velvet in a washed pink color. Even the laces are velvet, giving the sneakers a classy look and feel. These sneakers are certainly Barbie-inspired and the AJ1 Low is a fan-favorite silhouette. (Image via Stadium Goods)

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