Azealia Banks’ “Bussy Boy” Soap Piques Charlamagne Tha God’s Interest

Queen of controversy, Azealia Banks, is nearly always caught up in some internet beef with her fellow celebrities. Since Beyonce first announced her plans to take over country music, the New Yorker has been on her neck, bashing both the Houston native and her husband, Jay-Z. In recent days, Banks has turned some of her attention toward another female starlet – Doechii – who some think is one of the “212” hitmaker’s “sons,” or someone who takes direct inspiration from their elder’s discography and overall aesthetic.

The drama made its way to The Breakfast Club this week, where hosts Charlamagne Tha God, DJ Envy, and Jess Hilarious broke down what’s been happening. For his part, Tha God took a special interest in one comment from Doechii, teasing Banks for selling “bussy boy” soap online instead of sharing new music. Though he’s a straight, married man, the radio host was still keen to get his hands on some of the rap diva’s $7 hygiene products.

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Charlamagne Tha God’s Takeaway From Azealia Banks and Doechii’s Beef Is the Former’s Soap Collection

“I just googled it, and I’m about to order two bars just because this is hilarious,” Tha God declared. “I know that’s right,” Hilarious chimed in. “Make that bussy beam, boy. Helps with irritation from friction due to anal sex, hemorrhoids, jock itch, and bacterial overload,” he read the product description out loud. Scent options include Boyberry Blue and Georgia Peach. “This is so funny, it says for that glazed donut hole effect,” Charlamagne laughed at the NSFW marketing.

Even though she and Doechii have been in the news for their social media spat, Azealia Banks still has more energy to pour into feuding with other artists. Earlier this week, British pop singer Lily Allen felt the rap diva’s wrath after the former shared some negative thoughts about Beyonce’s COWBOY CARTER LP. Banks has made it known that her feelings about the genre-bending project are similar, but still, she doesn’t think that Allen is the right person to offer criticism to a Black woman. Read more about that at the link below, and check back later for more hip-hop/pop culture news updates.

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