Anthony Fantano Goes To War With Kanye West’s Fanbase After Calling “Vultures” An “Unreviewable” Album

Anthony Fantano is easily one of the most famous music reviewers on the entire planet. However, he is also extremely controversial for this very reason. Giving your opinions can lead to a lot of pushback. Overall, this is especially true when you are reviewing albums from artists who have a cultish fanbase. Kanye West is certainly one of those artists. His diehard fans will do anything he says, and they will twist narratives to make it seem like everyone else is incorrect. They think they have the whole world figured out, but oftentimes, it is just 15-year-olds looking to be entirely too edgy.

Before Fantano even attempted to review Vultures, Ye’s fans ganged up on him and predicted a negative review. The YouTuber listened to the album on a livestream and clearly did not enjoy it. However, instead of giving one of his usual reviews, he dubbed the album “Unreviewable.” In the video below, he makes a compelling case for why this is true. Ultimately, it boils down to Ye’s fans diluting the discourse and being extremely toxic. Fantano knows whatever he says won’t be taken in good faith, so why even bother?

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Anthony Fantano Makes A Compelling Case

As you can imagine, this conclusion set off a fury of anger amongst Kanye’s hivemind. Numerous fans posted Fantano’s reaction to the Playboi Carti verse on “Carnival” and dubbed it “disrespectful.” Others said Fantano was trying to be a good person by bringing up the political aspects of Ye’s work. Moreover, plenty of other Ye stans resorted to name-calling. For instance, some pounced on Fantano for being divorced. Ironically enough, so is Kanye West. Sure, Kanye has married again, but let’s be for real for a second.

Ye Fans React

The average Kanye west stan on Twitter is filled with delusion and hate. A Fantano review should never make you this mad. As he says at the end of all of his videos, it is just his opinion. If you can’t handle that, then maybe the internet just isn’t for you. You can see some of the tweets from Ye stans, down below.

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