Anthony Edwards Excited To Play With Him On Team USA Kevin Durant After Sweeping Him

Anthony Edwards is taking the NBA playoffs by storm. The Timberwolves and Edwards, who has been talking trash all series, just swept the Phoenix Suns. Ant has been calling his shot all series long and was letting Kevin Durant know his time was u every chance he could. Edwards exploded for 40 points last night to put the final nail in the Sun’s coffin. He scored 31 points in the second half, which killed any hope the Suns had. Despite 33 points from KD and 49 from Devin Booker, it wasn’t enough to beat Ant-Man and the Wolves. 

KD and Anthony Edwards had been going at it all series. It was two hoopers talking trash while playing at the highest level. Kevin Durant seemed to really enjoy the young star barking. There was a level of respect KD showed Ant, and that carried through to the end of the game, where the two embraced and shared words. In his postgame interview with TNT, Edwards was asked what it meant to beat KD. Ant gave much respect to Durant before saying he can’t wait to trash-talk him this summer when they meet up to play on Team USA. 

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Anthony Edwards Excited To Hoop With Kevin Durant This Summer

It’s a significant moment for a player who could potentially shape the future of the league. Anthony Edwards has openly declared that his favorite player of all time is Kevin Durant. It must be a surreal experience to compete against your idol and come out on top. Ant is eagerly looking forward to representing Team USA in the summer, where he, KD, and many other stars will compete in the 2024 Paris Olympics. All in all, Anthony Edwards is making a name for himself. His performance in the first round was reminiscent of Jordan, both in skill and attitude. 

Anthony Edwards joins a stacked Team USA for the Paris Olympics, which includes LeBron James, Steph Curry, and his favorite player ever, Kevin Durant. The playoffs might oushsh Ant into earning a starting spot this summer. Team USA is always a good time for hoop fans and they have put together a ridiculous team to take the gold. We can’t wait til the training camp for the Olympics so we can see Anthony Edwards gloating about his win to KD. 

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