Alpo’s Last Images Allegedly Show Him Wearing Mask At Halloween Party

Pictures posted by rapper Popperazzi Po, who is believed to be the son of former drug kingpin Alberto “Alpo” Martinez, shows who is believed to be the 80s street legend wearing a hockey mask similar to the fictional character Jason Vorhees at a Halloween party shortly before his death.

Po posted the two Halloween pics along with posts from others offering their condolences. In the two images, the man alleged to be Alpo is wearing blue jeans, a black shirt, a black leather Louis Vuitton coat while hiding his face with a black hockey mask.

Rapper Po never confirmed the man in the photo’s identity, however, the man’s beard and eye structure as well as the timing of the post led people to believe that these were Alpo’s last pictures.

Alpo was killed on Halloween morning in a drive-by shooting outside of a party in Harlem. He was shot five times before driving a few blocks and succumbing to his injuries. He was 55 years old.

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