AG on Breonna Taylor’s Case Got Engaged Last Week While Killers Are Still at Large

Imagine mourning the loss of your loved one who died in the hands of the police while she peacefully slept, and desperately seeking justice. But over 100 days passed the incident and countless protests later, the Attorney General who’s in charge of bringing the thugs to justice popped the question to his now-fiance. This is a sad and disgusting reality the family of Breyonna Taylor is currently facing.

Last weekend photos surfaced of Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron hosting an engagement party with friends and loved ones. An act that Beyonce’s mother Tina Lawson spoke on and openly criticized on social media, along with several others. She explained how Cameron’s election to the AG office was initially seen as a boon for the black community but went on to say his inaction in the case proves otherwise, especially when it comes to Breonna’s killing. Tina writes, “I have no problem with who he marries, that is his business. That is not what this post is about! I just don’t understand his actions!!! And where are their masks?”

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I was shocked to learn that the attorney general for Kentucky is a 34 year old black man. A republican . When Breonna’s Mother Tamika asked to speak with him , he had someone else call her. ! 💔💔 When he ran for office there are a lot of Black people that were excited and thought oh my God maybe we have a fair chance now because it will be a black man in this position ! He will be fair and unbiased towards Black people. They voted for him. Well That’s why it’s important to educate yourself on people who are running for office . I have no problem with who he marries , that is his personal business. That is not what this post is about ! I just don’t understand his actions !!! And where are their masks ? Very interesting all of you people that are coming on here to talk stuff and criticize You all happen to have fake pages with 10 followers on them. So you keep your fake private pages so you can go on peoples sites and spill your racist comments . Coward idiots !🙏🏾

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Sources close to the family said they couldn’t agree more with Tina’s sentiment. They like many others saw these photos as a slap in the face. The victim’s mother tried meeting with him in early June, but he avoided her and had someone else from his office speak to her over the phone.

The latest update on Breonna Taylor’s case is one of the officers involved in her death, Brett Hankison, was fired from the Louisville PD. Besides that it’s been quiet, no criminal charges have been filed, and Cameron is moving like he has no intention of filing any charges.

Although its been three months since Taylor was slain Cameron asked for patience, as he’s said he’s vetting the case thoroughly as you can see Breonna’s family has lost confidence in him bringing about justice.