After Surprise Birthday Party, 18 Members of a North Texas Family Infected With COVID-19

As America watches COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations experience the 2nd surge, one North Texas family is facing a dire situation that seems fit for a Hollywood film. 

It all started all on May 30 when one of the family members hosted a surprise birthday party. Which seemed fine because all state issues “distancing” rules were being followed.  At the party, one relative infected 7 others. Who then unknowingly took COVID home where it was spread to 10 more family members. 

Ron Barbosa, who didn’t attend the party, is now keeping track of 18 people in his family who have tested positive for COVID-19. The event was held for Barbosa’s daughter in laws 30th birthday. 

Barbosa’s nephew, who hosted the party and was unknowingly infected, noticed a small cough that he thought was caused by working construction. Thinking nothing of it, he played a round of golf with a few friends before the party kicked off. Those friends were also in attendance at the surprise party.

Ron Barbosa said that even though everyone tried to stay socially distant, it wasn’t enough. “It wasn’t that long. It was only a couple of hours,” Barbosa, a volunteer EMT said. Adding, “But during that brief time, somehow the other 18 family members are now infected with COVID”. 

Barbosa along with his wife, who is a doctor, opted out of the celebration due to concerns about the virus. who is also married to a doctor, said he and his wife refused to go to the party due to safety reasons. 

“When people started getting sick, we really let everyone have it,” Barbosa said. “We knew this was going to happen, I mean this whole time this has been going on we’ve been terrified.” 

The infected range in sex and age. Including two young children, two grandparents, a cancer patient, and Barbosa’s parents, who are both in their 80s. 

Barbosa’s parents Frank and Carole, along with his sister Kathy, who is battling breast cancer are now all hospitalized. 

While some are beginning to recover, Barbosas sister and parents face a much tougher road due to existing health issues. 

“My dad’s hanging on by a thread,” Barbosa said. “They’re saying this is one of the last straws for my dad.” 

Our prayers are with the Barbosas family and every family affected by this horrible and unbiased virus!