Adin Ross Makes Sexual Remarks About LeBron James While On Stream At Lakers Game

Adin Ross is someone who is always looking to make a fool out of himself on social media. Overall, this is pretty much how he has been able to get such a huge following online. In order to make it in the streaming world, you need people to want to watch you. Thankfully, for Ross, he has exactly that. However, not everything has gone particularly well for him of late. For instance, he recently revealed how he lost $200K on an unreleased Travis Scott and Kanye West track. Moreover, he has been kicked out of some Twitch events.

Last night, Ross decided to pull up to the Los Angeles Lakers game. The team was playing against the Miami Heat which was a matchup fans were waiting for. In the end, it was the Heat who came out victorious by a score of 108-107. However, prior to the game, Adin Ross decided that it would be a good idea to stream in the middle of the crowd. He was joined by a UK content creator and Ross was teaching him about basketball. However, as you can see in the clip below, Ross began to get sexual.

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Adin Ross Makes A Fool Of Himself

For instance, he begins to make comments about how LeBron it hot and sexy. Moreover, he asks his friend if he would have sex with LeBron. Overall, it was a very bizarre scene, especially when you consider how LeBron and Ross have met before. Furthermore, the streamer is cool with Bronny James. Needless to say, this all felt like a bit of a bad play. However, it is going viral, which by Ross’ standards, is an overwhelming success.

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