7 LAPD Officers Reassigned Following Complaints From Peaceful Protestors

The Los Angeles Police Department officially reassigned seven officers to non-field duties after several advocacy organizations have filed lawsuits against the department. The agency faces criticism for the tactics used by some of its officers during recent protests over the death of George Floyd.

On Wednesday, the unit said it has assigned 40 investigators to look into 56 complaint investigations into “allegations of misconduct, violations of Department policy, and excessive force“ during the protests – of which 28 involve alleged use of force.

Lawyers say the protesters were overall peaceful, yet the department used harmful strategies. They say after the arrests, people were held for eight to 12 hours even though the offense was a violation of the curfew. But even though they passed curfew city officials say they will not be prosecuted.

The law enforcement authorities have used a plethora of tactics and weapons during the nationwide protests against police brutality and systematic racism. Many police units claimed to have used weapons dubbed “less lethal,” but such weapons can cause serious injuries. Mayor Eric Garcetti has said the police commission will look at the video and the tactics used by the department during the protests to see if laws were followed properly.