7 Hip-Hop & R&B Albums To Welcome The Winter

Some albums are best enjoyed during winter. The season is always a great time to cozy up and listen to some of the softer sounds out there. Likewise, certain kinds of Hip Hop and R&B projects perfectly fit winter’s aura as well. With Thanksgiving just around the corner, the air is slowly, but surely turning chilly. Alas, winter is almost here, and we have selected a handful of albums to help kickstart the warmth. These albums somehow feel like winter, even though they were likely made without the season in mind.

808s & Heartbreak Kanye West

Released in 2008, 808s & Heartbreak marked a departure from West’s earlier works, embracing a more introspective and experimental direction. Additionally, it transcended the boundaries of conventional Hip Hop, ushering in a new era of sound and emotional vulnerability. As winter slowly creeps in, 808s & Heartbreak is one of the best albums appropriate for the cooler weather. Accordingly, it can serve as a poignant soundtrack for the season. After all, it excellently captures the essence of solitude, heartache, and the cold beauty that winter often brings. Throughout the album, the rapper’s tender side shines through. Furthermore, tracks like “Street Lights,” “Say You Will,” and “Coldest Winter” highlight the overall melancholic feel of the album.

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How I Got Over The Roots

The Roots’ critically acclaimed ninth album, How I Got Over is the perfect musical companion for the chill season. Released in 2010, it is a sonic journey that explores themes of resilience, self-discovery, and the collective human experience. In addition, it deeply resonates with the reflective and contemplative mood of winter weather. The album opens with “A Peace Of Light,” an instrumental track that sets the tone with its atmospheric sounds. By and large, its gentle progression creates a serene backdrop for the emotional journey that unfolds. Subsequently, the title track follows with a blend of soulful vocals and introspective rap bars. The Gospel-infused “Dear God 2.0” is a standout track that combines poetic lyricism with spiritual contemplation. From Hip Hop to soul and jazz influences, How I Got Over has it all. In conclusion, it’s certainly one of the albums you should be spinning this winter.

Almost three decades after her debut, and the incomparable Songbird Supreme, Mariah Carey, proved she still had the chops to hang with the new flock of R&B stars. With Caution, her acclaimed 2018 album, she delivered a sophisticated, warm, and glittery masterclass in R&B. It’s also arguably her most cohesive project yet, as each song smoothly blends into the other. This winter season, it’s easily one of the most intimate albums to keep you feeling nice and warm. Mariah Carey is soulful and tender all through, but songs like “GTFO,” “With You,” and “One Mo’ Gen” give Caution an extra, chill kick.

My Name Is My Name Pusha T

A gritty and lyrically dense album, My Name Is My Name aligns well with the stark and cold aesthetic of winter. The album showcases Pusha T’s intricate storytelling, streetwise narratives, and knack for vivid imagery. Although it is the rapper’s debut album, he’s no rookie, and he declares it on the album’s opener, “King Push.” Likewise, tracks like “Nosetalgia” ft. Kendrick Lamar, “40 Acres” ft. The-Dream, and “Numbers On The Board” stand out. My Name Is My Name falls under albums that resonate with the raw and unyielding aspects of winter. As 2023 draws to a close, allow it to weave through the season’s chill with its raw beats and unapologetic lyricism.

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A Seat At The Table – Solange

Arguably her best album yet, A Seat At The Table was released as Solange’s third studio album. This tranquil R&B masterpiece is certainly one of the albums that should get you through winter. Littered with entrancing songs delivered in Solange’s sultry voice, it is the perfect winter companion. For example, the Grammy Award-winning single “Cranes In The Sky” is a sonic meditation that evokes a sense of calm. Likewise, tracks like “Don’t Touch My Hair” and “F.U.B.U.” are groovy sonic relaxants. Now, more than any other time this year, you should be giving A Seat At The Table multiple spins.


Before SZA dominated 2023 with SOS, she released her equally critically acclaimed debut album in 2017. The album is a soulful and emotionally charged R&B offering that will get you through the coldest nights. Specifically, Ctrl is a powerful exploration of love, self-discovery, and the complexities of relationships. Particularly for the emotionally expressive, this album, with its raw and confessional lyrics, will be a musical essential this season. Featuring tracks like “Drew Barrymore,” “The Weekend,” and “Garden (Say It Like Dat),” how could it not be? Among the albums that will be curated to get you through winter, Ctrl should certainly make the cut.

Take Care Drake

Even after dropping multiple projects since its release twelve years ago, Take Care remains one of Drake’s most beloved albums. The album is a fusion of Hip Hop and R&B that showcases Drake’s signature introspective lyricism and melodic delivery. Without a doubt, this should be one of the albums you listen to this winter. Its production, lyrics, and melodies all tie together to create a beautiful musical showpiece. “Marvin’s Room” stands out as a somber exploration of love, longing, and loneliness. While it’s quite sad, you can’t deny that it’s the perfect winter soundtrack. In conclusion, this album is as winter-appropriate as they come. Surely, you should not miss out on experiencing it again this season.