600 Breezy Says He and Womatic Tracks “Connect Musically”

600 Breezy’s Breezomatic album has been making waves. Aside from Breezy’s hard-hitting lyrics, the sound is crafted by Womatic Tracks.

“My favorite songs off the album are Palm Trees and Breezomatic,” Breezy said. “My reason is due to the energy and the timing.. s/o to Hawk Money who introduced me to Womatic, because we connect musically.”

Womatic linked with The Source to highlight what it’s like to work with 600 Breezy.

How did you get your start in producing? 
Back in the day, I used to rap and I started producing due to not wanting to pay for beats lol. It was something that always intrigued me from reading album covers back in the day. 

You and 600 Breezy met at the studio and the energy developed. What aided in building that relationship and what common ground did you find?
The relationship developed organically, there was never any pressure to make dope vibes. As soon as he touched down from jail we got to work. Plus, he could tell I wasn’t interested in anything other than making music for him.

How does it feel to be the go-to producer for 600 Breezy?
I feel that it’s an honor to work with someone from the CHI like 600 Breezy, he got it out of the mud and didn’t get a feature from Kanye, Durk, or Common… Which would be hard as fuck.  But seriously, it feels good being his producer and I will always appreciate an artist that knows who they are in a sea full of redundancy.

When you create for Breezy is there a certain element that you look for? How does creating for Breezy differ from those of anyone else? 
The elements vary depending on the vibe, sometimes he wants that fresh cook-up, other times he’ll say don’t give me that radio polished shit Wo, let’s explore that crazy folder on your computer. He has no limits.. no cap. He really is not afraid to rap and push himself, he is definitely underrated. 

What else do you have in your near future? 
In the near future, I have a lot of good projects in the pipeline. However, I don’t like talking about things that have not come to fruition, even though the songs are recorded. I don’t want to spill the beans. I can say with great positivity and excitement that there will be a BREEZOMATIC #2 in the near future, so be on the lookout for that.