50 Cent & Suge Knight’s Son Shade Jada Pinkett Smith With Dark Humor Memes

It seems like Jada Pinkett Smith’s dirty laundry is the talk of the town these days, which of course she’s made hard to ignore. After all, it seems like she’s really letting it all out there, and hopefully that process is helping her and her family in some way. That’s important to keep in mind because, if you went off of public responses to these confessions, it would be a much nastier picture. Moreover, a lot of regular people and celebrities alike are chiming on on the actress’ multiple confessions, claims, and the like. One of these concerns her relationship with Tupac Shakur, which remains a controversial one.

Furthermore, Suge Knight’s son recently took to Instagram with some dark humor addressing this. “Tupac really dodged a bullet… I mean he didn’t but you know what I mean,” he wrote on IG about Jada Pinkett Smith. “She could’ve been doing everything against his Will.” For those unaware, while she and the rapper were never romantic partners, her praise and focus on him in recent years landed her in hot water with fans online, especially considering Will Smith’s place in all this as a distant husband who’s always defended her.

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Suge Knight’s Son Dark Joke About Tupac Shakur

That’s an angle that 50 Cent took when he also launched a meme against the Set It Off star on Sunday (October 15). Via Instagram, the G-Unit mogul joked about the Baltimore native, first through a repost of a news article and then in his caption of it. “Jada Pinkett Smith reveals she sold a lot of crack as a teenager,” the headline he posted read. “Alright enough is an enough,” the New York MC captioned this screenshot with a picture of her. “FREE WILL SMITH! WTF is going to on.”

50 Cent Blasts Jada Pinkett Smith

Meanwhile, the latest piece of juicy info to emerge as of writing this article was the story of how this dysfunctional couple first met. As such, that is putting all previous bombshell claims into context. All we can hope for is that the conversation around this whole scandal grows more mature rather than simply sensationalist. For more news and updates on Suge Knight, 50 Cent, and Jada Pinkett Smith, check back in with HNHH.

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