50 Cent Slams Ex-Consultant For Alleged Embezzlement In Sire Spirits Lawsuit

50 Cent‘s legal battle with a former consultant over alleged embezzlement in his Sire Spirits liquor company rages on. For those unaware, he sued Michael Caruso and Julious Grant last year for alleged fraud conspiracy, and according to a new Radar Online report, Caruso filed a counterclaim seeking $3 million in damages. Moreover, the Queens rapper wants the judge to dismiss this and he accused Caruso of embezzling him out of millions of dollars. In the brief issued to the Manhattan Supreme Court, the G-Unit mogul’s lawyer Reena Jain argues that the consultant and his co-conspirators’ crimes invalidate their retaliation.

“Ironically, the Caruso Plaintiffs have asserted claims against the Sire Defendants seeking damages of at least $3 million despite their central role in a fraudulent scheme,” 50 Cent’s attorney reportedly expressed in writing. “Crimes were committed in connection with millions of dollars in ‘agency fees’ embezzled from the Sire Entities. The Caruso Plaintiffs netted at least $1 million from the embezzlement scheme.” Allegedly, Caruso and Mitchell Green, Sire’s former director of brand management, conspired to inflate product prices and keep the leftover cash.

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50 Cent At Cuba Gooding Jr.’s Birthday Dinnet

MIAMI BEACH, FLORIDA – DECEMBER 31: 50 Cent attends birthday dinner for Cuba Gooding Jr. hosted by 50 Cent at Sopra Miami on December 31, 2023 in Miami Beach, Florida. (Photo by Shareif Ziyadat/Getty Images)

Not only that, but another federal lawsuit ordered Green to pay $6.2 million in damages and legal fees for his liability, according to The New York Post. Following this, 50 Cent’s Sire Spirits sued Caruso and Gina, his wife, Julious Grant, the owners of Jim Beam (who Grant worked for), and others for unspecified damages. Caruso’s counterclaim is based on his belief that Fif owes him around $3 million for his work and his entitlement to a 10 percent cut of their profits. Apparently, they agreed to this verbally.

“Even more outrageously, four of the five claims are solely based on an alleged oral promise sometime in 2016 by each and every one of the Sire Defendants to give Michael Caruso a ten percent (10%) membership interest in Sire Champagnes in exchange for certain business services,” court documents from 50’s camp read. “However, no such promise was made by any of the Sire Defendants. “[Caruso worked] tirelessly to help build Sire Spirits brand, including its world-class champagne,” a representative of the consultant told The New York Post. “This lawsuit is a blatant attempt to devalue his contribution to Mr. Jackson’s company, and he adamantly denies any wrongdoing.” Meanwhile, for more news and updates on 50 Cent, check back in with HNHH.

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