50 Cent, Shaq & Kenya Barris Team Up in Attempt to Purchase Bet

50 Cent is the true definition of a boss, and now he’s trying to level up even further. As reported by TMZ, it seems like 50 is teaming up with Shaq and Kenya Barris in an attempt to purchase BET. In fact, the three powerhouses have been making a solid effort to push to close the deal.

Sources revealed earlier this week, 50 Cent and Kenya were seen inside the Paramount offices in New York City. The conversations surrounded business, and entertained the idea of possibly purchasing the BET network. One source even revealed, “It’s not a done deal, but they’re deep in it.”

Apparently, the trio have their money in hand, recruiting some assistance from an investment company called CVC. The synergy between them remains apparent, as all three have demonstrated major success in the world of film and television. 50 Cent of course, grew his wings at Starz where he created critically-acclaimed series such as Power and BMF. Recently, he announced his new deal with FOX, as well as his international tour called The Final Lap, to celebrate the 20-year anniversary of Get Rich Or Die Trying.


Kenya Barris is television writer, producer, director, and actor, best known for creating the ABC sitcom black-ish. Shaq on the other hand, went from being one of the best NBA players of all time, to now being a sports analyst on a television program within the NBA. 

However, these guys are not the only ones interested in purchasing BET. Previous names include Diddy, Tyler Perry, and Byron Allen who also have expressed their interest.

While the actual number to how much BET is selling for remains up in the air, they sold for $3 billion back in 2001. We can only imagine their worth now!