50 Cent Comments on Dr.Dre’s Estranged Wife: ‘Entitlement is a Mother F*cker’

Nothing new, 50 Cent is always putting his two cents into headlining media. This time, the “Candy Shop” rapper is budding his nose into Dr.Dre and his estranged wife, Nicole Young’s business.

Over the weekend, reports have circulated the internet that Young was in a battle with her lawyers to receive co-ownership of the name, “Dr. Dre.” It doesn’t stop there, Young also wants to be recognized as co-owner of Dr.Dre’s classic 1992 album, The Chronic. The claims were part of Young’s lawsuit against the hip-hop heavyweight.

Well after this news hit the media, 50 Cent went on his Instagram and captioned the headline, “Entitlement is a mother f*cker.” You know 50 couldn’t add in his two cents without plugging his own work. “Hustle harder Hustle smarter available where all books are sold,” he continued.

Is 50 Cent backing up a friend, or should he keep his opinion off of the internet?