50 Cent Closes the Door on VERZUZ: “We Back Outside”

Back in 2020, 50 Cent explored potential VERZUZ battles with T.I. and The Game before opting to do none of it. In January of this year, 50 spoke on V-103 in Atlanta and revealed the battle of the superstars isn’t for him.

“Verzuz was more interesting when we were completely stuck in the house,” 50 said. “It showed up when D-Nice was the only DJ left on the planet…But other than that, it’s trying to re-write history to me. It’s already happened.”

He added, “I think that’s for people that didn’t get enough while they were doing it. I got more than my share. It’s usually the guys that felt they were lyrical. They felt like theirs was special and nobody recognized it.”

While at the premiere of his new show Power Book III: Raising Kanan, 50 doubled back down on his no to the VERZUZ stage.

“A Verzuz battle? Probably not,” 50 said. “We back outside. That was something that happened during the pandemic when we was stuck in the house. Now that we back outside, there’s other things to do. We supposed to be creating new history, not being back there.”

You can catch the moment below.