ZAM Official Drop The Flavourful Debut Collection Fun Girl Vol. 1: Back To Miami

ZAM Official have come back to release a flavourful debut collection of songs released under the mixtape Fun Girl Vol.1: Back To Miami

The ambitious trio, Goldi, Mika, and Rasti, are going back to Miami after a full year spent in Los Angeles. Having garnered the attention of industry powerhouses such as Trina, Foreign Tek, and Cheeze Beats early in their career, ZAM Official have now shown the rapid evolution of their music, as well as their personal journey towards becoming fearless and unapologetic women empowering the masses through their fun approach.  

The Back to Miami Mixtape marks the first of a four part series that the group will be launching throughout 2022. Opening up with the single “Shots”,a song pushing forth their free loving spirits, the mixtape then lists the track “Back To Miami,” produced by the legendary Cheeze Beats. 

ZAM Official’s catchy vibes are set to take the music world by storm, and Fun Girl Vol.1: Back To Miami just marks the beginning of an epic journey, so make sure to stream this prodigious mixtape.