Trevor Jackson Talks ’90s R&B-Inspired “Heads Up” Video Made For “Sneaky Links”

Following his recent T-Mixes and the reflective track, “James Dean,” multifaceted star, Trevor Jackson, has dropped a steamy visual to his new single, “Heads Up.”

The track made for all the “sneaky links” around the world was initially trolled with a screenshot of a text thread between him and a woman. “Tonight I’m @ my man’s house… give me the heads up next time you in town,” it reads.

Now Jackson has dropped the official visual starring Rap Sh!t star Kamillion as the leading lady. He sings, “Know we gotta be discreet/ But I ain’t seen you in a week/ I’ve been missing your physique/ She my sneaky link on the low/ She know how to turn me on/ Feel right but I know it’s wrong.”

Speaking of the inspiration behind the track, Jackson told VIBE, “I feel like we’ve all kind of been in that situation. We got a little sneaky link or something, and then the schedules don’t line up. You land in the city. ‘Aye yo, I’m in town.’ It’s like, ‘Oh, I wish you would give me a heads up. I got this and this to do. I got to call babysitter up. My dude’s in…’ Who knows what the story is.”

“It’s juice. It’s full of tea. It’s complicated,” he described the track. “All of these projects that I’ve been doing and that I’m going to continue to release are just kind of talking about the difficulties of dating or relationships these days. It is just very different from when my parents were growing up. Yeah, it’s complicated, essentially.”

“Heads Up” may have not been fitting to release on Valentine’s Day, but would go great on any toxic-love playlist. Check out the video above.

Youtube screenshot

Additionally, Jackson talked about his prior video for his reflective single, “James Dean,” where he not only homaged one of his Hollywood inspirations, but also thought back to growing up in Indiana, like the late actor. The song is more on the thought-provoking side as the Superfly star gets candid about his upbringings and journey to stardom. Comparing his Hollywood rise to the Rebel Without A Cause star, who died in a car crash, Jackson sings about how stardom can either better your life or destroy it if you’re living recklessly.

In the track, Jackson croons, “Lately, I been feeling like James Dean/ Hottest thing outta Indiana since James Dean/ Got a couple models in my kitchen just to blow off steam/ Young, rich and handsome, how could you blame me?/ I’m just living a dream/ Guess I live a little like James Dean.”

“The whole story behind me making that song was I was kind of living wild a little bit, just living in the fast lane, and my mom was kind of like, ‘Calm down,’” he explained. “She called my dad and the talk my dad gave me was: James Dean was 24, he moved to Hollywood, he became a star, he was driving a Porsche too fast, then he died. I didn’t know any of that stuff. And so I was like, the similarities are kind of crazy. And so then I was like, let me just make a song. And basically that’s what it is.”

“He, to me, was the first young heartthrob kind of dude in Hollywood,” he compared the late actor to himself. “He was just cool. Whatever he did was cool; if he was smoking a cigarette… if he had a white T-shirt on… ‘Oh my God, he’s so cool.’ And that’s just kind of the vibe I had been feeling lately. I’ve been on my show for six years, I’m doing movies here and there, and I just kind of felt like I was living that life, that James Dean kind of life. So, that’s why.”

Jackson is also gearing up for the final season of the hit TV series Grown-ish and spoke on balancing both music and acting careers.

“I’ve never been able to pick just because they both have helped me mentally. I go through a lot, and so those are great outlets,” he shared. “Sometimes I’ll have scenes that I don’t even look at until I get there on set. And then I see that, ‘Oh, I just went through this last night, like an argument or something.’ Then with music, when I go through traumatic experiences or I don’t know how I’m going to go on, I come downstairs and I literally record for eight, nine hours straight and just try and release whatever that is. So they both have been very, very vital to my survival, but they help each other.”

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Take a look at Trevor Jackson’s polar-opposite music videos for “Heads Up” and “James Dean” above.