Spin The Block: Hot Boys Announce Comeback Album Featuring Original Members

The Hot Boys are reuniting for a comeback album featuring the group’s original lineup, their first full-length effort in more than two decades.

News of the Hot Boys’ forthcoming release was broken by group member Juvenile during an Instagram Live session this past weekend. During the chat, the New Orleans native responded to incessant requests for a Hot Boyz reunion, revealing that he, Lil Wayne, Juvenile, and B.G. have already begun recording a project, and are in lockstep as a unit.

“Hot Boys is back together, man. What you talkin’ about put the Hot Boys back together? Show y’all ain’t keeping up with sh*t,” Juve told fans viewing the live.

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The 400 Degreez creator continued, adding that the upcoming Essence Fest in July will mark the Hot Boys’ first performance as they embark on their reunion. “Turk gonna be with me tonight, I’m gonna be with B.G. next week,” he said.

“Me, Wayne, Turk, and B.G., all of us gonna be on stage in New Orleans with Mannie Fresh and Birdman. And we already done started working on a Hot Boys album. Any other f**king questions? Keep on askin’ put the Hot Boys together. Have some f**kin’ patience.”

Juvenile Performing

Rapper Juvenile performs onstage at 2023 Black Music Honors at Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre on May 19, 2023 in Atlanta, Georgia.

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One of the more iconic southern rap groups in Hip-Hop history, the Hot Boys have spoken on getting back together for years. However, those talks have heated up since group member B.G.’s release from federal prison in September 2023, with the rapper himself calling on his groupmates to come back into the fold.

“Say Juve, there’s people on my line, man, about this Hot Boys reunion,” the parolee said on Instagram Live. “Weezy, stop playing, man. It’s a big bag involved, man. Ya heard me? I know you super rich. I know you like Taylor Swift outchea. Come on, man. Stop playing, man. Let’s get to this bag.”

Cash Money Records founder Bryan “Birdman” Williams also called for the Hot Boys to get back together, claiming that he’d be willing to fund a tour, even if individual members of the group declined. “We definitely going on tour. I’m putting up $100 mil for it myself,” Birdman said at the time.

Hot Boyz

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“But one thing for certain, two things for sure, I ain’t guaranteeing that it’s gonna be everybody. I’m standing on business and that’s what it is. If it work out, it work out. If it don’t, it don’t. But we definitely gonna get this money, that’s for a fact.”

The Hot Boys released three studio albums, beginning with their debut, Get It How U Live! in 1997. In 1999, the quartet unleashed their sophomore album, Guerilla Warfare, which debuted at No. 5 on the Billboard Hot 100 and was certified platinum, yielding the hit singles “We On Fire” and “I Need a Hot Girl.”

The group’s third album, Let ‘Em Burn, was released in 2003, following members Juvenile and B.G.’s departure from the label during the early ’00s.

See Juvenile speaking on the Hot Boys reunion album below.