Rotimi Dedicates “Dear Imani” To Daughter For Father’s Day

Rotimi is celebrating Father’s Day this year with new music. The multitalented singer shares the deeply personal “Dear Imani” track, dedicated to his daughter. The 35-year-old artist shared part of his creative process and journey in piecing the heartfelt song together. “Honestly, [it was] very heavy at the start,” he told VIBE.

“Creating a record like this made me see my little girl in different forms. From seeing her as my baby to even imagining her as an adult, eventually walking down the aisle, and everything in between. Being able to write her this letter where she can listen to it over and over as she grows older is priceless. Because in simplicity the song will mean something different to her every year she gets older and more life experience. I can’t wait to go through all the steps with her. My ‘Little Dove.’” 

He also detailed the purpose behind “Dear Imani” and explained, “That it’s truly okay and needed for us men to show emotion more openly. Especially to our daughters, we are the first male figure in their life, and being present and affectionate in their upbringing is essential for them to learn what that love is from their father.”

The Power actor and singer Vanessa Mdee welcomed baby Imani Enioluwa Akinosho in March 2023, growing their family which includes their son Seven, born in September 2021.

As the song soundtracks the upcoming family holiday weekend, Rotimi is celebrating his legacy in his children and his own dad who laid his strong foundation.

“For me, it is special because I get to celebrate my father,” the House Party actor shared.

“I was blessed enough to have my pops in my life from a baby to becoming a father myself. He showed me everything from responsibility to discipline to even being the dad who I am today. Father’s Day is about celebrating all the fathers that I know that go hard for their family and kids. I truly believe in family over everything, so whether it be Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, or even Thanksgiving, as long as it brings the fam together, I’m all for it.”

Listen to “Dear Imani” by Rotimi above.