Producer 808BassCrazy Releases Debut Single “Get to rollin” with Lil Radar

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Hailing from Mesa, Arizona, 808BassCrazy is an upcoming and aspiring producer with a major talent in the music industry. He’s been into working with music for quite sometime, but recently he’s been working hard at it and showing off his true passion. His bestfriend Alize recently passed in November and it took a major role on him, making him go farther and farther into music. He’s been inspired by many friends as well as being raised on the West Coast.

Today we take a look at the project created by 808BassCrazy the producer & the artist on the song Lil Radar. “Get to rollin” is an EBK inspired song and the best was created by 808BassCrazy himself with Lil Radar sharing his unique vocals on the track. In this new release which dropped today, both creators play a role that is different than any other artist or producer in the music scene.

808BassCrazy is different with every beat and each one is what he likes to call “jig music”. It is his own style that he created and it truly makes you want to get up and move your body. He creates catchy rhythms and vibes nobody else has done. With the music he’s creating already popping off, he plans to keep promoting and continue his career by releasing more songs. “Get to rollin” with Lil Radar was almost like the trial for his career, and from here it is history.