Introduce yourself. Who are you? Where are you from? What is your background / nationality?

My name is OGBBE born and raised in Miami, Florida African American/ Bohemian decent

How did you get your Artist name?

I got my artist name from my record label BbeLafamilia Music Group. Everyone use to call me BBE and some use call me Og so I put the 2 together and there you have OGBBE

What motivated you to get into Music?

Watching this movie along time ago called “Crush grove”

What makes you unique / stand out as an Artist compared to the rest?

What makes me unique is my sound, me just speaking from the heart and my beat selection along with the clarity of my music and real life events 99% of raps is truth either I experienced it 1st hand or know someone that has. Nothing is fabricated

What are somethings you would like to achieve and why?

I definitely want to get in position to where I’m able to give back to my community, buy some land open up a community center for the kids, help single mothers and the less fortunate. Do some acting, starr in a few big films lol. And most of all put some of my people on, some the talented local miami artist that’s not getting a fair shot that deserves a fair shot

Let our readers know some of the names of people you have worked with. Provide references and write what you liked about working with them.

I’ve worked with Dj Khaled, Blood Raw, Mike Smiff, Ball Greezy, SL the Don and Trench Boy just to name a few

What are some past achievement worth mentioning?

I would have to say some of my past achievements would simply be just being alive and making it out the projects because where I bome from niggas die every day and having the pleasure of working with a legend such as Dj Khaled

On a personal level, how would you describe yourself in detail?

I would describe my self as loving, a nigga with a big heart “genuine” and man of honor, pride and respect

What is your latest single? What are you working on?

BOMIN is my latest single (ft. Spazzwrld & BL Bumpdawg) Produced by Trench Boy as well as Nineteen84 (ft. Trey Diggz) Produced by SL the Don self titled off my new album Nineteen84

In this music industry, what is something you learned the hard way?

Faith without works is dead that hard word and consistency gone out way all the hate and negativity

How long have you been doing music? What got you into Music?

I’ve been doing doing music for a while all my life just about, I’m and artist all around I paint and draw as well I just love creating

In 5 years, where do you see yourself in the music industry and why?

In 5yrs ima just say this I plan to be real B.I.G in music business so just know and I don’t need nothing nor nobody trying to stop or duplicate my vision

Who were some music influences you listened to while growing up? What do you remember when you think about them?

Growing up I listen to 2pac, jay-z, Biggie… And a lot of slow jams lol I’m a mamas boy so I hung around the old girl a lot and listened to that real music

To close out for your current and future fans, what are some last words and shout outs you want to give?

S/o to everyone that ever believed in me and ever supported me whether it was, words of encouragement, a simple post, a tweet, if you hit that share button, the purchase of Cd, a download a stream, a hat, t-shirt and etc I love y’all for real I do it for y’all