Metro Boomin Piles On Drake With “BBL Drizzy” Beat And Fan Giveaway

Metro Boomin fully took the gloves off this past weekend and held nothing back concerning his disdain for Drake. The St. Louis producer released his “BBL Drizzy” beat and challenged fans to rap over it, with the winner earning a free beat.

The Heroes & Villains artist has long been seen as the mastermind behind this barrage toward the Toronto superstar ever since he and Future released We Don’t Trust You toward the end of March. He had several tweets that seemed like subliminals toward his former collaborator and liked other people’s tweets throwing shots at him. However, at the time, he claimed that his account was hacked.

This past weekend, he made it clear that he was in control of his account and he was in attack mode. This is likely due to the fact the 6 God dissed Boomin again on his Friday evening (May 3) release “Family Matters,” rapping “I mean it’s true a ni**a slimed me for my AP/ Just like how Metro ni**a slimed him for his AP” and “Pluto sh*t made me sick to my stomach, we ain’t never really been through it/ Leland Wayne, he a f**king lame so I know he had to be an influence/ These ni**as had a plan and finally found a way to rope you into it/ Two separate albums dissin’, I just did the Kim to it, ni**a, Skim through it.”

Metro Boomin responded by trying to assemble an even larger army of people to diss Drake. “Best verse over this gets a free beat just upload your song and hashtag #bbldrizzybeatgiveaway,” he wrote in a tweet on Sunday (May 5). The beat was uploaded to Soundcloud and several internet rappers took him to task. Masego even posted his own diss track over the Metro production, though his came in the form of a saxophone solo.

Evidently, the three-time Grammy nominee didn’t come up with the idea on his own. Stand-up comedian King Willonius tweeted, “That was dope that Metro Boomin sampled BBL Drizzy. The fact that I, an unknown comedian made an impact in this historical rap beef is kinda cool. I wish he would’ve tagged me tho. It is what it is.”

Willonius uploaded his “BBL Drizzy” track in the middle of April, just days after Drizzy’s “Push Ups” leaked online, Rick Ross followed up with “Champagne Moments,” and began to call his “Aston Martin Music” collaborator “BBL Drizzy.” Boomin took the sample, sped the beat up, and let it fly on the internet, but also gave Willonius his flowers upon seeing his tweet. “I wasn’t aware king but thank you for your contribution to history,” he wrote. “Y’all show this man some love.”

It was a loaded weekend for this multi-layered, high-profile rap beef. Kendrick Lamar kicked things off on Friday morning with his Instagram exclusive “6:16 In LA.” Drake followed up Friday evening with “Family Matters,” which included the “Drop drop drop” refrain and subsequent lines that appeared at the end of the official version of “Push Ups.”

The Compton rapper drowned out Drizzy’s well-received diss track a mere 30 minutes later with the dark “Meet The Grahams,” where he wrote a letter to the For All The Dogs artist, his mother Sandra Graham, his son Adonis Graham, and his alleged 11-year-old daughter that the world did not know about. Lamar followed up with the upbeat club bop “Not Like Us” on Saturday evening (May 4), which had taken over the internet and clubs in California.

Not to be outdone, the “Rich Baby Daddy” rapper released “The Heart Part 6,” a reference to Lamar’s popular rap song series, on Sunday evening (May 5). There, he confirms that he intentionally leaked false information to K. Dot, claimed the rapper was obsessed with calling him a pedophile because he was molested as a child, and questioned why his fiancee Whitney Alford has not denied whether or not the Pulitzer Prize winner abused her. This entire beef has gone deeper than people anticipated, and though it is entertaining for fans, many are concerned with whether or not each rapper has proof of the others’ wrongdoings.