King Keon Showcases His Unique Talent In Two New Music Videos “Like Master P” and “Elite”

Hotter than ever, King Keon dropped two major singles alongside the music videos for “Like Master P” and “Elite”. King Keon and K.O.K Records are now on fire, with his track “Like Master P” ascending charts and getting added to hundreds of playlists both nationally and internationally. The artist passionately raps about his views in “Like Master P,” which has a fluctuating dynamic theme. King Keon hits hard with an immersive music video and lyrics that make the listener want to rap along! 

Coming to “ELITE”, the artist is shown on a sofa in the song video, sharing his inner feelings with a therapist, and shining a light on unspoken social concerns while keeping the tune authentically Eastern.

King Keon’s tracks have been generating a lot of attention, getting featured in some of Hip Hop’s most recognized magazines.  With hundreds of thousands of views on the “Like Master P” and “ELITE” music videos, King’s campaign appears to be just getting started.

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